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1.  To enable Foster Parents to share experiences and offer support in the parenting process.

2.  To promote a better awareness and understanding amongst the Foster Parents of Bruce and Grey Counties and thus all Foster Parents.

3.  To provide support and advocate for any Foster Parent requiring such assistance.

4.  To work co-operatively with the Executive Director and Resource Personnel of the BGCFS to discuss the issues and concerns relative to the provisions of Foster Care Service.

5.  To work co-operatively with Society Staff to develop and implement appropriate training for Foster Parents.

6.  To continue to participate in the review and/or revisions of all policies affecting Foster Parents.

7.  To strengthen the voice of the Foster Parents by encouraging participation and attendance at training events.


How We are Effective:


•  By putting Foster Parents in touch with one another for mutual support and encouragement.

•  By suggesting and implementing educational opportunities and workshops at both the local and provincial levels.

•  By publishing  newsletters

•  By representation at the Provincial level through Membership in the League of Ontario Foster Families

•  Through public awareness initiatives that let others know of the challenge of fostering

•  By showing pride in fostering and pride in our foster children

•  By advocating for fair treatment of both our foster children and our Foster Parents

•  By providing opportunities for social interaction by Foster Parents and Foster and Natural Children.

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